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Hunting Nerd and Windy City Spinoni

In 2014 we dove headfirst into the world of bird dogs with a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy and a love of the outdoors. With Rupert, we were introduced to our local NAVHDA chapter and it’s been a whirlwind adventure filled with training, hunting, testing and fun. Through NAVHDA we met lots of new people, new dogs and learned some lifelong training lessons. Most importantly we met a training partner and friend.

Jonathan Paranjothy - owner of Windy City Spinoni kennels - has been training dogs practically his whole life. He took us under his wing and has taught us everything we know about bird dogs and we’re still learning more everyday. With JP’s mentorship we have successfully prized dogs in NAVHDA NA, UPT and UT tests.

In addition to sharing his knowledge on training, breeding and boarding, JP has recently been teaching us the business side of things with the goal of one day passing the reins of Windy City Spinoni kennels on to us. We’re happy to announce that we are taking the first major steps toward realizing that goal.

JP began Windy City Spinoni in 1993 with a breeding philosophy that focused on quality rather than quantity. His dogs have the unique ability to adapt to any environment - from the Windy City to the windy fields. Each breeding is designed to produce dogs that have strong prey drive, natural retrieving and pointing instincts, excellent temperaments, highly social, highly trainable and are excellent family companions. All dogs hips are tested through PennHip to ensure a long life of running in the field.

With Cattle Kate’s first litter - expected January 2018 - we hope to continue and grow the Windy City Spinoni tradition by producing Spinoni with sound mind, health, within conformational standards and with natural hunting instincts. In short, our mission is to breed the best versatile hunting dogs.